5 Ways to Travel in Style.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow – mindedness.” - Mark Twain.

5 Ways to Travel in Style.

Nothing can feel more rejuvenating and refreshing than travelling. Experiencing a whole new environment and mingling with the local population takes all your stress away. The best part? Pictures! We love capturing these moments and cherishing them forever. Look good in every one of your picture perfect moments by a heightened sense of style. Make your vacations and holidays even more memorable by opting for the right set of clothes and accessories. It does not take much, just a few tweaks and voila! You are ready to go. 

1. The right watch: This fashion accessory is like an add-on that you can never ignore. Apart from it’s obvious functionality the appropriate time piece on your wrist will definitely amp up your fashion game. Going camping? Opt for a sports analog watch with a durable wrist watch. In case of a business trip you would opt for a bit more sophisticated watch like, a chronograph stainless steel watch. With the right time piece you are always travel ready!

2. Comfortable shoes: With the wrong pair of shoes, you are always at a risk of taking your memorable holiday downhill. Always carry your favourite pair of loafers or sneakers along. One cannot travel well with a sore pair of feet so pay attention to your feet as your foremost need. From slip ons to laced, there is a wonderful ocean of shoes to select from. Get your footwear right and have the vacation of your life.

3. The right Sunnies: The right pair of sunglasses ranging from round framed, wayfarers to aviators and reflectors there is whole universe of eye wear available to choose from. Mix and match your outfit of the day along with the appropriate pair of sunglasses. Pull off a stylish and classic black wayfarer when vacationing on the beaches of Goa. Going for a biking holiday to Leh? Don’t forget your loyal reflectors. Put your whole ensemble together just by adding a bit of flair.

4. Comfy Chinos: One can never go wrong with a pair of casual chinos in refreshing and mauve colors. Give your holiday a casually wonderful twist and relax your time away in style. Holidays with parents or friends a pair of stylish looking chinos in your luggage will be your holy grail. Easy to carry and super simple to pull off this clothing piece is a must have if you love to travel.

5. The appropriate bag: An appropriate backpack to carry your clothes and essentials must not be overlooked. Heading out on a trekking expedition to the hills, then a rucksack is your very best option. Determine the location of your holiday and carry your luggage in the right bag. Going on a business trip? A black overnighter luggage always works great. Get packing in the right direction.

At the end of the day your memories matter.

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