Wardrobe Essentials for Men.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners” -Marc Jacobs

Wardrobe Essentials for Men.

But let’s face the truth folks, a good fashion sense, and a knack for ensembles isn’t exactly a usual guy’s forte. At best, most guys just somehow manage avoid being complete and utter fashion disasters. So, what we’ve come up with is a life saving list of a few simple things, certain necessary and must have pieces of clothing and accessories that a guy’s wardrobe just can’t do without and that can never go wrong. 

The crisp white shirt:

Confused about what to wear to your next big party, or just a casual day out? When you want to blend in rather than stand out, a crisp white shirt works great. If your wardrobe doesn’t have a well fitting white shirt, preferably linen, then you need to get one right away.

A simple white shirt complements both trousers and jeans equally, and you can never go wrong with your choice of color combination.


A basic polo t-shirt:

For those days when you just can’t figure out what to wear, a basic polo shirt can be your got-to choice. A natural polo shirt is a great choice when you need to balance between a formal and a casual look. The collar ads an extra oomph the entire ensemble.

You can team up a polo t shirt a rugged pair of jeans and be good to go.


Blue jeans:

You can pull off a basic, light blue jeans in any situation imaginable. A trusted denim is a guy’s second skin. Be it a day off or a semi-formal occasion, a well fitting pair of understated jeans will rule the day.

You can literally pair up your jeans with anything, be it a round-neck, v-neck, polo shirt, or a simple white shirt!


Formal shoes:

Complete your formal look by going for a brown or black formal pair of shoes. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a dapper pair of formal shoes. A must have for those job interviews and formal occasions.

A sexy pair of elegant shoes is an integral part of your attire if you’re dressing up in formal shirt and trousers, and an absolute must if you’re suiting up!


V-neck cardigan:

Welcome winter with open arms and in a stylish way. You can never go wrong with a simply colored v-neck cardigan. The best part is that you can successfully experiment various looks with few simple changes.

Team up your choice of a simple cardigan with jeans or joggers.


  1. Metal or leather strap watch:

Up your style game and complete the whole look by accessorizing with a gorgeous watch. A classy look can look can be turned even classier just by including a stylish metal or leather strap watch. Strap on in style!

An elegant watch is the perfect accessory for every guy, and can go with almost any look or attire.


  1. Track pants/Joggers:

A super comfy pair of track pants or joggers always goes a long way. The epitome of stylish comfort for those long ‘netflix and chill’ sessions or a random jog in the park. Uplift your casual day out style quotient just by teaming up your track pants with a simple t shirt! Become the new style statement.

Track pants and joggers have the freedom of getting paired up perfectly with almost any style of t shirts, hoodies and even casual loose fitting shirts.

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